What Can Coggins Media Do For You?

Website Design

Every company needs a modernized website that illustrates what they can do for the consumer. Coggins Media will design a website that adds value to you and your customers, and will optimize it for search engines.

Social Media Management

Social media is an important and growing necessity to market your business. We will ensure you do not miss a vital opportunity to grow your business and gain traction in your industry.

Graphic Design

No matter your design needs, Coggins Media can make your dreams a reality. For any aspect of the business that needs an image, Coggins Media can assist with the design creation and implementation.

About Coggins Media

Founded by Casey Coggins, Coggins Media is a social media management company based out of San Antonio. Casey began his journey at Baylor University studying mechanical engineering. As time elapsed, he realized that wasn’t his passion. Casey transferred to Arizona State University where he graduated with a degree in Mass Communications and Media Studies.

Utilizing the skills obtained while at ASU, Casey began his company managing several social media profiles and building their websites as well. Casey hopes to utilize his set of skills to help other small businesses build their customer base. #SmallBusinessSociety


Here are some businesses that have hired Coggins Media. The pictures, posts, graphics, and websites you'll see were created by Coggins Media.


Below are the packages Coggins Media offers. Have questions? Fill out the contact form below and Coggins Media will be happy to help.

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